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Nicole DeMasi | Dietitian CDE | Nutritionist 
👩‍🎓. MS, RDN, Diabetes Educator
🧠   ADHD, bingeing, intuitive eating & HAES.
💗  Improve your relationship with food & your body!
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Hello Everyone!

It's Nicole... Your ADHD Registered Dietitian

You're likely here because eating with ADHD isn't easy!

There's a lot of challenges we face each day when it comes to having a healthy, manageable relationship with food.

And the 'conventional' fixes just don't work for us!

We are wired differently.

We need a unique and specific step by step approach for our awesome minds.

So, I created one!

After getting diagnosed with ADHD last year, I used my 9 years experience and knowledge as a Dietitian to find a solution that would improve my relationship with food once and for all.

I've been hyperfocused, I've gone deep into what we need, and what works for us.

The steps I've put in place have had a profound impact on my life and my clients' lives.

My research and findings have changed the game for me.

It's been transformational and liberating. 😊

And I want to share my steps with you!

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I’m excited to share it with you. 

Nicole DeMasi | Dietitian CDE | Nutritionist
👩‍🎓MS, RDN, Diabetes Educator
🧠ADHD, bingeing, intuitive eating & HAES, diabetes
💗Improve your relationship with food & your body!

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